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Raiding Time!

Somethings different today ye think, a feeling most divine.
The wind feels odd, a little colder,
a subtle taste of brine.

The air grows rancid, scents abound, spiked of grog and beer,
Ye see the look , on the townfolks face
The unnerving look of fear.

The distant sound o’ canon n’ sword, the clanging of a bell
The sounds of none but scourged rogues,
released from the bowels of hell.

Ye senses all be telling ye, that something is amiss.
For Spring is here and yet ye know,
that there is more to Spring then this.

AH! For ye remember now, or’ it happens only once per year.
Alas me lads, prepare thyself….


When? May 17. (first Saturday after Mothers day) Arriving anytime after 6:00pm, heck, arrive earlier for a meal too!  Trolleys leave 7:15 pm sharp. Captains toast at 7:00pm!

Where? World of Beer  Naperville. We leave and return to the World of Beer.   They DO NOT serve food, BUT, you can bring in food, and order in all you want (there are a bunch of local options you can walk to from the place, get some grub to go, and bring it into the bar and eat it, yar!). Some bad news, Parking at this place is a pain in the arse, so ARRIVE EARLY!

I repeat. PARKING HERE IS A PAIN IN THE ARSE! Trust me on this one.

How? Pay, or any certified staff, $40 cash/check. (checks to Arthur Zards) Paypal preferred. Make sure you list who you are paying for! (yes, put the names down ya knucklheads!So me crew can properly notate yer persons!)

Why? Why not! Its year IX, no need to explain any more you chumbuckets!

Notes: Alcohol IS permitted (no glass) on the trolley, so BYOB.There will also be a Captains toast before we board, some gifts to be handed out, noise makers, beads to throw and other surprises.

I expect to be full, and earlier than usual, so its first pay, first in! It IS a pirate raid, so full pirate garb is HIGHLY recommended, less you walk the plank! (it has happened once, ask someone about it, polo shirt with fancy little skulls does NOT make one a pirate)

This year we are using Facebook to get people in Pirate mode, so go to the group “Pirate Raid ” Use Facebook for any/all questions!

Please note that there is no Eventbrite or Socializer this year, payment is what confirms you as in. If you send in payment for more than one person list their name please! (and shirt sizes too, and male/female) Shirts?!

Oh, SHIRTS! Pirate Raid Shirts ARE INCLUDED this year! But here’s the rub, shirts will be ordered in less than two weeks. So if you want a GUARANTEED fit, please pay ASAP, and include your tee shirt size (and male or female style). Once the shirts are ordered, anyone who pays later will get what they get. So PLEASE pay early to get your proper shirt size!

Hotel Info: For all yes travelin crew, the good news is that there are a bunch of hotels stumbling distance from the World of Beer. The closest being the Courtyard Marriott.

You can go ahead and ask for the Captain Arrrt Pirate rate at any of these hotels.  But you won’t get squat, and the reservations person will look at ya funny.

Oh, as always, if you pay late (like not NOW), theres always a chance the trolleys will be full, if I cant fill a trolley and you paid on the late side, you will get a refund, but won’t be able to join the raid. So please pay early. (makes planning much easier to buy all the pirate swag you get too)

Thats all! Yar!

Capt Arrrt

Please note that due to the reputation of previous raids, this one is expected to be full pretty early, there will  only two ships, since the bars we hit won’t be able to handle a third. So this WILL sell out. So please send in payment early.

Please check for updates often! Seems that some “concerned” citizens have already been talking about the Raid on YouTube. Odd stuff going on!


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